Area Manager

  • White Plains Linen
  • New York
  • Jan 09, 2019
Full time Management

Job Description

  • Make periodic visits to meet with client to address/resolve any issues regarding product quality, service, payment, policy enforcement, pick-up and delivery. Inform our clients of our policies and procedures and make yourself available to the client’s and company inquiries/needs. Work Saturdays within a regular rotation.
  • Sell other company merchandise and services utilizing our varied marketing products; being knowledgeable of the styles, colors, sizes and construction of our products.
  • Conduct an inventory of all company products and adjust the order, analytically, to client’s needs to prevent overstocking of our merchandise and input inventory reports in office manager email all country club & caterers to our order email.
  • Retrieve any merchandise that has been in the client’s possession for more than the agreed time period and /or re-bill accordingly. Pick-up all clean or soiled linen at any close-out, mis-delivered or overstocked accounts. Stock and deliver items clients may need, due to business fluctuation, drivers absence or customer/company error.
  • Ensure that our products are being used only for their intended purposes and that the soil is being separated and handled properly by the client and stored in company provided bags and bins-away from harm; and report all pertinent findings.
  • Inspect the conditions under which our products are stored and used; in kitchens, closets, stock rooms and the like. Search in trash receptacles, obscure locations and for construction/ remodeling projects or any other situation where there may be potential for the abuse of our products; and issue a loss/damage bill when necessary.
  • Immediately report major business compromising issues and client status changes such as new ownership, corporation change, sale of establishment, presence of another linen supplier’s merchandise, fire, natural disaster, theft, accidents etc. to upper management.
  • Renew agreements with existing clients and scout for potential clients in the field, providing the sales executive with as much contact information as possible, and be actively involved for the first delivery to introduce our procedures and policies.
  • Cover all aspects of your job thoroughly with the proper communication and follow through; especially with monetary transactions. File the correct paperwork and make the proper correspondence necessary to complete your tasks, fully. Check your voicemail at least 3 times a day and read your office mail regularly and meet all work deadlines.
  • Present yourself with proper business attire and communicate professionally (oral and written) to both clients and colleagues at all times. Maintain valid NYS drivers license & adhere to all safety & traffic regulations.
  • Carry a designated amount of stock in your vehicle that is reflective of the usage of the client’s in your territory. This includes marketing material, tags, soil bags, invoices, etc.
  • Schedule regular vehicle maintenance such as fluid changes, state inspections and car washes (inside and out) and adhere to company property policies.