Technical Support / Technician

  • NYC, NY, United States
  • Jul 07, 2017
Full time Customer Service

Job Description

IT technicians diagnose computer problems, monitor computer processing

systems, install software and perform tests on computer equipment and

programs. Technicians may also set up computer equipment, schedule

maintenance and teach clients to use programs. Other job duties can include

repairs and computer parts ordering.

IT technicians need strong knowledge of computers and how they operate,

which includes having a broad understanding of hardware and software,

operating systems and basic computer programming. Familiarity with

electronic equipment, Internet applications and security may also be

required. Technicians may also need good communication skills because this

position requires frequent interaction with clients.

Job Functions:

⁃ Determine users’ technical needs and provide them with appropriate


⁃ Install hardware, software and device drivers on standalone computers

⁃ Install and configure computer networks including LAN and WAN

⁃ Manage network configurations to ensure that all computers on a

network can communicate effectively

⁃ Test computers peripherals, hardware and software to ensure that they

are working appropriately

⁃ Upgrade software, patches and operating systems on a continuous


⁃ Install and configure monitors, keyboards and printers

⁃ Troubleshoot hardware and software problems

⁃ Act as a technical resource in order to assist users with resolving

computer issues

⁃ Answer tickets and emails pertaining to users’ computer problems

⁃ Ensure that all computers are secured effectively by installing and

updating antivirus software

⁃ Set up and organize IPs appropriately

⁃ Train users on new software

⁃ Analyze network problems and manage preventative maintenance


⁃ Explain the role of network applications and equipment to the end


⁃ Maintain documentation of technical maintenance procedures carried


Requirements :

⁃ Technical Troubleshooting

⁃ Maintaining Client Relationships

⁃ Results Driven Mindset

⁃ College degree preferred

Job title: Business Development Associate

Company description:

Orange Pay is a credit card processing company who helps businesses

prosper by providing effective business solutions, unmatched service and

valuable advocacy. We are committed to your success and provide

processing solutions as well as integrate with a wide variety of terminal and

software options, including the latest mobile and EMV solutions. We

accommodate existing systems with ease, regardless of your current


Blue POS was founded to bridge the gap between POS systems &

businesses. We are bringing customized solutions at a reasonable price to

truly integrate a POS solution to our clients. Technology is a key factor in

building a reliable system. But we make sure not to get too ahead to keep

both speed and simplicity. Our vision is simple. Blue POS is seeking to

bring a high-quality, reliable, & customized POS solution to each and every


Job description:

Business Development Associate identifies and helps to develop strategic

relationships with partners or potential customers. Assists in the

development of a strong pipeline of new business opportunities through

direct or indirect customer contact and prospecting.

Job Functions:

⁃ Your main area of focus will be to generate new leads with the aim of

creating more sales.

⁃ Business Development involves scheduling appointments, preparing

and delivering presentation to the client, having researched their

business and requirements.

⁃ A Business Developer will work on sales follow-up activities.

⁃ Maintaining customer relationships and ensuring customer loyalty

through excellent customer service as well as meeting all client needs

appropriate to their business, is a key role within Business


⁃ A Business Developer usually works as part of a team and closely

with other departments within the organization.

Job Requrements:

⁃ A degree or equivalent qualification is recommended, but a proven

background in business development may be sufficient.

⁃ A proven track record in strong presentation skills is essential in the

role of Business Developer.

⁃ Business Developers need a strong track record of business-to-
business sales at a corporate level.

⁃ A Business Developer will need to have strong research and strategic

analysis skills.

⁃ Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written and be able to

cold call potential clients with confidence are key for a successful

Business developer.

⁃ Business Developers need to be skilled at agreeing and closing deals

with clients.

⁃ Excellent organizational skills are essential as well as performance

monitoring will be a requirement.

⁃ Must be able to operate Microsoft Office and associated programs.